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Workwear Trousers & Shorts

The Workwear Trouser Experts

Trousers are personal: everyone has their own favourite cut and a preference for lighter or heavier weight fabrics. We understand those differences: how fit varies between younger and more mature wearers across the regions of Europe. that's why we offer a fit, a fabric and a weight for everyone who has a job to do in the lightest or toughest of work environments. No other brand offers you such a wide choice of work trouser fits.

Heavy duty trousers made to withstand demanding work days

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Portwest S887 Action Workwear Trousers

Portwest S887 Action Workwear Trousers£13.69  (1)

Dickies WD884 Redhawk Super Work Trousers

Dickies WD884 Redhawk Super Work Trousers£15.99  (1)

Result Work-Guard R309X Action Shorts

Result Work-Guard R309X Action ShortsFrom:  £13.55

Result Work-Guard R319X Lite Shorts

Result Work-Guard R319X Lite Shorts£12.34

Result Work-Guard R310X Technical Trouser

Result Work-Guard R310X Technical TrouserFrom:  £22.75

Result Work-Guard R318X Lite Trouser

Result Work-Guard R318X Lite Trouser£14.62

Result Work-Guard R303X Stretch Trousers

Result Work-Guard R303X Stretch TrousersFrom:  £28.45

Result Work-Guard R308X Action Trousers

Result Work-Guard R308X Action TrousersFrom:  £17.04

Portwest 2085 Wakefield Trousers

Portwest 2085 Wakefield Trousers£11.39

Portwest 2885 Preston Trousers

Portwest 2885 Preston Trousers£9.44

Portwest BP52 Arizona Two Tone Trouser

Portwest BP52 Arizona Two Tone Trouser£29.41

Portwest C701 Combat Cargo Trouser Black

Portwest C701 Combat Cargo Trouser Black£12.07  (1)

Portwest C701 Combat Trouser  Navy Blue

Portwest C701 Combat Trouser Navy Blue£12.07

Portwest S251 Sealtex Ocean Trouser

Portwest S251 Sealtex Ocean Trouser£11.25

Portwest S441 Classic Adult Rain Trousers

Portwest S441 Classic Adult Rain TrousersFrom:  £5.10

Portwest S918 Ballistic Trousers

Portwest S918 Ballistic Trousers£25.93

Portwest FR36 Bizflame Pro Trousers

Portwest FR36 Bizflame Pro Trousers£24.48

Portwest S536 Ayr Breathable Trousers

Portwest S536 Ayr Breathable Trousers£13.69

Portwest S817 Painters Trousers

Portwest S817 Painters Trousers£14.28

Portwest TK89 Minnesota Trouser

Portwest TK89 Minnesota Trouser£32.90

Portwest TX11 Texo Contrast Trouser

Portwest TX11 Texo Contrast Trouser£14.49

Portwest TX14 Texo Contrast Shorts

Portwest TX14 Texo Contrast Shorts£12.99

Portwest TX32 Texo 300 Dresden Trouser

Portwest TX32 Texo 300 Dresden Trouser£27.89

Portwest CW11 Texo Poznan Trouser

Portwest CW11 Texo Poznan Trouser£14.99

Portwest TX61 Texo Sport Danube Trouser

Portwest TX61 Texo Sport Danube Trouser£19.99

Portwest TX36 Texo 300 Munich Trouser

Portwest TX36 Texo 300 Munich Trouser£20.66

Portwest TX37 Texo 300 Cologne Shorts

Portwest TX37 Texo 300 Cologne Shorts£16.59

Dickies IN30030 Industry 300 Trousers

Dickies IN30030 Industry 300 Trousers£31.99

Dickies WD803 Redhawk Chino Trousers

Dickies WD803 Redhawk Chino Trousers£14.99

Dickies ED24/7 Everyday Shorts

Dickies ED24/7 Everyday Shorts£14.99

Dickies ED24/7 Everyday Trousers

Dickies ED24/7 Everyday Trousers£15.99

Dickies IN1001 Industry 260 Trousers

Dickies IN1001 Industry 260 Trousers£24.99

Dickies IN30050 Industry 300 Shorts

Dickies IN30050 Industry 300 Shorts£24.99

Dickies WD864 Redhawk Trousers

Dickies WD864 Redhawk Trousers£13.79

Dickies DP1000 Pro Trouser

Dickies DP1000 Pro Trouser£56.99

The Dickies DP1000 Pro Trousers have numerous features, with highlights including knee pad pouches & numerous pockets, all reinforced with tough CorduraŽ fabric.

Dickies WD801 Redhawk Pro Trousers

Dickies WD801 Redhawk Pro Trousers£24.99

Dickies WD834 Redhawk Cargo Shorts

Dickies WD834 Redhawk Cargo Shorts£14.49

Dickies WD802 Redhawk Pro Shorts

Dickies WD802 Redhawk Pro Shorts£19.99

Dickies CV1000R Lakemont Trousers

Dickies CV1000R Lakemont Trousers£24.99

The Dickies Lakemont Trousers are a new product for summer 2017, with a matching jacket also available.

Dickies DP1004 Dickies Pro Belt

Dickies DP1004 Dickies Pro Belt£7.99

Dickies DP1005 Pro Holster Trouser

Dickies DP1005 Pro Holster Trouser£57.99

The Dickies Pro Holster Trousers have numerous features, with highlights including knee pad pouches & numerous pockets, all reinforced with tough CorduraŽ fabric.

Dickies DT1003 Camden Trousers

Dickies DT1003 Camden Trousers£25.99

Dickies EDCVCTRSR CVC Trousers

Dickies EDCVCTRSR CVC Trousers£20.99

Dickies WD4930 GDT 290 Trousers

Dickies WD4930 GDT 290 Trousers£25.99

Dickies WD4979 GDT 210 Shorts

Dickies WD4979 GDT 210 Shorts£20.00

Dickies WP51000 Raintite Trousers

Dickies WP51000 Raintite Trousers£15.00

Regatta TRJ330 ACTION Trousers

Regatta TRJ330 ACTION Trousers£13.95

Regatta TRJ331 LINED ACTION Trousers

Regatta TRJ331 LINED ACTION Trousers£14.50

Regatta TRJ336 WORKLINE Trousers

Regatta TRJ336 WORKLINE Trousers£33.99

Regatta TRJ332 ACTION Shorts

Regatta TRJ332 ACTION Shorts£10.50

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Page 1 of 1:    75 Items

Eisenhower is the workwear of professionals - the uniform that marks you out as a specialist who takes pride in their work. Supremely practical and comfortable, Eisenhower trousers feature knee-pad pockets, hem guards and enough pockets and tool tabs to satisfy the most versatile worker.

Choose from four styles of workwear trousers. Eisenhower Premium trousers, our latest addition to the range, give you even greater freedom of movement with strong and comfortable ripstop fabric and a Teflon finish to repel stains and water. They're already as popular as our existing Eisenhower Max, Eisenhower Pro and Eisenhower Multi-Pocket trousers.

Eisenhower gives you the best of technical workwear - the breathable, waterproof trousers with top-loading kneepad pockets, Cordura hem guards and Teflon coating. The job may be tough, but your Eisenhower clothing is tougher.

For simple, practical, everyday use, choose Redhawk Workwear Trousers. A range of comfortable and durable poly cotton trousers. Redhawk gives you a style and a colour for just about every task.

Dickies 22 is a premium range of stylish garments created for and inspired by the modern worker. Featuring quality materials and modern design details, the Dickies 22 range sets new standards in workwear.

Industry 300 have qualities that made Dickies a worldwide brand, developed to satisfy the demands and rigours of the modern workforce.

ORN workwear is designed to endure, they define excellence with the quality of their work trousers, a concise but extensive range with many added features and benefits to the modern worker. Excellent performance and high value for individual workers and the entire workforce.

ORN workwear believe in no compromise, they source their materials only from ethical suppliers and ensure that their operations have as little impact on the environment as possible, this high diligence is reflected in their work trousers.

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