Beeswift BSD21 Deltic Hi-Vis Jacket RIS-3279-TOM Orange
Beeswift BSD21 Deltic Hi-Vis Jacket RIS-3279-TOM Orange

Beeswift BSD21 Deltic Hi-Vis Jacket RIS-3279-TOM Orange

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  •  75% Ripstop Polyester with a 25% PU Laminate
  • 210gsm fabric weight
  • Medium weight jacket.
  • Bird eye mesh liner allows for Level 4 breathability with an Ret of 9.55
  • Concealed right breast pocket
  • Chest pocket with laminated water resistance zip
  • D ring hook for security or ID pass
  • Detachable concealed 3 panel fully adjustable hood
  • Full length zip for complete closures
  • Hi viz accents for added styling
  • External stud adjuster for cuff
  • Inside pocket for phone
  • Concealed zip pocket to storm flap
  • Double Studded snorkel fleece lined neck
  • Fully taped seams
  • Soft touch zip pulls on all zips
  • Internal wicking strip to reduce water ingress
  • Fleece lined zip cover at nape of neck.
  • Segmented tape to shoulders for additional visibility
  • Generous sizing to interact with other garments
  • 60mm segmented tape for greater visibility

Jacket can be used in combination with the Interactive bodywarmer (BSDBWTT)

EN ISO20471:2013 
Class 3
RIS-3279-TOM Issue 2:2019 (Orange variations only)

Class 4 Water Penetration 
Class 4 Air Permeability

Technical Info

RIS-3279-TOM - Railway Standard - Orange Only

The RIS-3279-TOM standard is a specification relevant to the UK rail industry, particularly concerning the visibility of railway workers on or near the tracks. This standard is an update and extension of previous guidelines aimed at ensuring that all personnel are highly visible, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing safety.

Key Points of RIS-3279-TOM:

  • High Visibility Clothing The standard mandates specific types of high-visibility clothing that railway workers must wear. This clothing is designed to make workers easily seen by train drivers and other railway staff, especially in low light conditions or where there is a background that might otherwise camouflage them.

  • Colour Specification One of the notable aspects of RIS-3279-TOM is the specification of an orange color for high-visibility clothing. This color is chosen for its effectiveness in standing out against most backgrounds, particularly in the varied environments found along railways.

  • Compliance Requirements The standard sets out detailed requirements for the design and material of high-visibility clothing, including retroreflective properties and minimum areas of visible material. It ensures that the clothing meets specific safety standards and performance requirements under various conditions, such as in wet weather.

  • Application and Enforcement RIS-3279-TOM is applicable to all workers within the UK rail industry who might be at risk from moving vehicles, including trains. The standard is enforced by railway operators and contractors, who must ensure that all personnel are equipped with compliant high-visibility clothing.

  • Updates and Revisions As an evolution of previous standards (notably the GO/RT 3279, which it replaced), RIS-3279-TOM reflects the latest understanding and technology in high-visibility clothing. It may be updated or revised as new information becomes available or as working conditions change.

Importance of RIS-3279-TOM

The RIS-3279-TOM standard is crucial for the safety of railway workers. By specifying requirements for high-visibility clothing, it plays a vital role in preventing accidents and injuries on the railways. Compliance with the standard is a key aspect of risk management and safety protocols within the UK rail industry, ensuring that workers are visible at all times and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

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