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British Legion Riders motorbike group presents trolley loads of gifts to Coalville Morrisons as part of Christmas appeal

Wednesday, 15 December 2021  |  BK Safetywear

Royal British Legion Riders for Leicestershire and Rutland have presented gifts to Morrisons in Coalville to be given to the local community.

The items filled four trolleys at the Whitwick Road store and member of the Riders rode their bikes there to hand over the gifts which will be given to local charities, the elderly and children.

Lisa Brauer, Coalville Morrisons’ Community Champion, said: "We distribute items to people in the community, anyone who’s in need.

“We are collecting for elderly veterans in store at the moment.

“These lovely people have done a huge collection for us, it’s been amazing.

“We will take this into the local community over the Christmas period.

The Riders brought four trolleyloads of items to the store in Whitwick Road

“Also, we’ll be dropping into old people’s homes.”

Jase Bonham and his wife Andrea are based in Coalville and organised the presentation at their local Morrisons.

The collection was also supported by two companies ASB Transport Ltd and BK Safety and Workwear Ltd who both donated items.

Jase said: “I saw the Morrisons advert in the Coalville store and we went from there.

“We managed to get £800 worth of clothing.”

Another member of the Riders, Paula Stroud, said: “People have been so generous, one of our group has done some hand-knitted items for us.

“There’s a mixture of clothes, toiletries and food that has been collected.

“There are body warmers and fleeces, the sort of thing you need at this time of year.

“The Riders are a branch of the Royal British Legion and we’re just a small representation of the Leicestershire and Rutland branch.

“We’re a group of friends who met through Legion Riders.

“We’ve decided to do this in support of the veterans, and that’s what we do.”

Coalville Morrisons’ store manager Richard Griffiths added: “I appreciate what everyone’s done here for the community, it’s really impressive.”

The Right Boot For The Right Job

Thursday, 26 September 2019  |  Chris

Take a look at what's new for AW19/SS20

It's an exciting time for Amblers Safety with new styles adding to the quality offering they already provide. Amblers Safety have made fantastic developments to their footwear introducing new technologies including DRI-BLOC® waterproof protection, HYBRID-PRO® fusion technology, PORON® XRD™ metatarsal guard, STRIKE-SHIELD® extensive impact resistance, DIAMOND SCUFFextreme abrasion resistance and STEADFAST® professional outsoles.

Amblers Safety Footwear Range 2019 to 2020

View Catalogue

Vegan Approved Safety Footwear Range

Friday, 4 January 2019  |  BK Safetywear

Amblers Safety Vegan Footwear Range

We are now selling Amblers Safety vegan footwear. Please read this release from Footsure about these products.

We're pleased to announce that we've landed the seal of approval from the European Vegetarian Union with three of our Amblers Safety core line protective toe capped products successfully earning the internationally recognised ‘V-Label Vegan’ symbol. This recognition comes at a time when the high street has had to adapt with incredible speed to meet the needs of a transitioning market.

The registered ‘V-Label’ symbol promotes transparency and clarity with products meeting a standardised criterion in the labelling of vegan and vegetarian products making it one step easier for vegan workers and ethical companies to make decisions on personal protective equipment.

For safety shoes to be considered vegan, they must be made with no animal-derived products in any part of the process, including adhesives and colourants. This means that leathers, wool, feathers and fur are completely out and replaced by innovative synthetic alternatives. Protective models, FS151, FS152, FS214 have the vegan accreditation due to being crafted from a clever combination of long-life microfiber, synthetic PU and breathable mesh whilst being infused with all the necessary safety features including a steel toe cap and midsole; looking and feeling as comfortable and practical as the non-leather equivalent, breaking down the stigma for vegan workers.

Sales Director Paul Wheeler says, “We strive to create a diverse and inclusive variety of safety footwear options for the consumer to choose from and develop innovative solutions for an evolving market place. It’s in our DNA to offer clarity, transparency and confidence in what the consumer is purchasing. There is a considerable gap in the market for affordable Vegan workwear to the everyday tradesperson and we are one step closer to fulfilling that requirement with clarity.”

These are available to buy today.

You can see our growing list of vegan footwear here


Hi Vis Jackets for Winter

1 CommentWednesday, 1 August 2018  |  BK Safetywear

Learn about our range of hi vis jackets.

Tawstock Hi Vis Jacket from Leo Workwear

The Tawstock Hi Vis Jacket is Leo Workwear entry level jacket which offers excellent performance and features at a very affordable price.

Exmoor Breathable Hi Vis Jacket

View the Exmoor Hi Vis Jacket here

Clovelly Hi Vis Executive Jacket

Buy Clovelly Hi Vis Jacket Here

Can you be 100% confident that the High Visibility apparel you buy meets EN ISO 20471?

Wednesday, 9 May 2018  |  BK Safetywear

Portwest Safety Standards Testing

Do you want to be responsible for supplying non-conforming product?

Portwest regularly test samples from the market.

Here are the 6 most common problems we encounter:


Problem: The fluorescent material does not meet the correct colour standard.

Solution: At Portwest, every roll of fabric is tested to ensure it meets and exceeds the EN ISO 20471 standard requirements for colour. A spectrophotometer is used to measure the chromaticity – “colour intensity” of the fabric.


Problem: Retro-reflective tape does not meet the minimum requirement 330 cd/lux.

Solution: At Portwest, every roll of tape is tested to ensure it meets and exceeds the EN ISO 20471 standard requirements. A retroflectometer is used to measure the coefficient of two rotating angles. EN ISO 20471 states the reading should not be below 330 (cd/lx.m2) however at Portwest we insist on a reading of 400 (cd/lx.m2) plus.


Problem: The garment size is too small and does not have enough fluorescent material or reflective tape to meet the standard.

Solution: At Portwest, all our products are generously sized and designed with the EN ISO 20471 standard requirements in mind to ensure full compliance.


Problem: The garment label does not have the correct information displayed.

Solution: All Portwest garment labels have the correct information displayed in accordance with EN ISO 20471 and ISO 13688 standard requirements.


Problem: The garment does not have a user information document accompanying the product. This is a mandatory requirement.

Solution: At Portwest, all garments certified to EN ISO 20471 carry a user information document.


Problem: The garment does not display the notified body number so a customer cannot contact the test house where the garment was certified.

Solution: All Portwest garments feature a notified body number on the user information document so a customer can contact the Independent Notified Body directly. In addition, all garments have downloadable certificates online on our B2B portals.


Hi Vi Vest Guide

Friday, 14 July 2017  |  BK Safetywear

Hi Visibility Explained

Hi Vis clothing is highly reflective and is manufactured using materials which conform to the hi vis standard ISO 20471. It must use reflective tape which meets the parameters specified in this standard.

In high visibility clothing, the leading retroreflective material is a product by 3M called Scotchlite. You can think of it as a material embedded with lots of very small cat's eyes.

Retroreflectivity is explained on the Scotchlite website as:

Retroreflective materials appear brightest to an observer located near the original light source, such as a car’s headlights. Since very little light is scattered when the light is returned, retroreflective materials enhance the contrast of the wearer for an observer located near the original light source.

Source: Scotchlite Reflective Material

Hi Vis Vests

The most common type of hi vis clothing is the hi vis vest, this is available in a wide range of styles, sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve.

Common uses are on and around roads, on building sites, in security situations and, of course, within the emergency services. Hi Vis garments that meet the ISO standard are made in hi vis yellow and hi vis orange for visibility in the daytime and use the correct amount of retroreflective material for hi visibility in low light conditions.

ISO 20471:2013 Standard

The summary of the ISO 20471:2013 standard from the ISO website is:

ISO 20471:2013 specifies requirements for high visibility clothing which is capable of visually signalling the user's presence. The high visibility clothing is intended to provide conspicuity of the wearer in any light condition when viewed by operators of vehicles or other mechanized equipment during daylight conditions and under illumination of headlights in the dark. Performance requirements are included for colour and retroreflection as well as for the minimum areas and for the placement of the materials in protective clothing.
The standard specifies 3 classes of visibility, outlined in the summary of the standard
Three classes of garment are defined based on three different minimum areas of retroreflective, fluorescent and/or combined performance materials. Each of these classes will provide a different level of conspicuity, class 3 being the class that provides the highest degree of conspicuity against most backgrounds found in urban and rural situations in daylight and in night time. Users should select the required class of performance based on a risk assessment of the location/situation in which the protection afforded by clothing to this International Standard is required.

Class 3 - Highest Visibility Safety Level

Class 2 - Intermediate Visibility Safety Level

Class 1 - Lowest Visibility Safety Level

Which Visibility Class Vest Do I Need?

For working on or near high speed roads or other high risk environments you must choose Class 3 long sleeve garments.

If working on or near standard roads or medium risk environments then you'd need Class 2 at least.

For other jobs where a level of visibility is useful but not vital, then Class 1 is sufficient.

Recovery Clothing

Friday, 17 February 2017  |  BK Safetywear

We have revamped our Recovery Clothing department, it is now easier than ever to navigate and find the clothing you need for your rescue and recovery work.

Recovery Clothing

Reflective Badges

Friday, 11 November 2016  |  BK Safetywear

Reflective badges are crucial for many types of jobs, from everyday stewarding and information roles through to emergency services. The reflective nature of the badges means you can be identified from a long distance in low light conditions.

We supply a wide range of reflective badges and you are also able to create your own personalised reflective badge using our system.

Here are a selection of our top selling reflective badges printed onto safety clothing.

Mountain Rescue Team Uniform

Thursday, 23 June 2016  |  BK Safetywear

Mountain Rescue Clothing Logo

If you need Mountain Rescue clothing and are a Mountain Rescue Team, use this form to get access to our special Mount Rescue clothing b2b section. We have been providing this to satisfied Search and Rescue teams for years and are pleased to now offer it to Mountain Rescue Teams.

Please use your official MRT email or we may not be able to verify you.
Your Logo
If you have your logo available as a file, please upload it so we can assign it to your account.
Use this box to let us know if you have any special requirements.
Please add the two numbers

Mountain Rescue Teams Clothing and Badges

Mountain Rescue Clothing and Uniforms

Community First Responder Uniforms

3 CommentsFriday, 17 June 2016  |  BK Safetywear
Community First Responder Clothing Uniforms

If you are a Community First Responder you will be pleased to hear we have been hard at work updating our website just for you. Following from the success of our Search and Rescue clothing department we are expanding to provide departments for both Community First Responder clothing and Mountain Rescue clothing.

You can see an example of the system below, once you are signed up with us you will be presented with your own private b2b area showing just the clothing suitable for you, now including a complete range of reflective badges to cover every need.

This is available only to official Community First Responders, please do not apply if you are an individual, you must go through your team leader to ensure only the correct kit is purchased.

To get access please fill in this form and we will get you set up with access to the Community First Responder Clothing area.

Please use your official email or we may not be able to verify you.
Your Logo
If you have your logo available as a file, please upload it so we can assign it to your account.
Use this box to let us know if you have any special requirements.
Please add the two numbers

First Responder Clothing

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