Can you be 100% confident that the High Visibility apparel you buy meets EN ISO 20471?

Wednesday, 9 May 2018  |  BK Safetywear

Portwest Safety Standards Testing

Do you want to be responsible for supplying non-conforming product?

Portwest regularly test samples from the market.

Here are the 6 most common problems we encounter:


Problem: The fluorescent material does not meet the correct colour standard.

Solution: At Portwest, every roll of fabric is tested to ensure it meets and exceeds the EN ISO 20471 standard requirements for colour. A spectrophotometer is used to measure the chromaticity – “colour intensity” of the fabric.


Problem: Retro-reflective tape does not meet the minimum requirement 330 cd/lux.

Solution: At Portwest, every roll of tape is tested to ensure it meets and exceeds the EN ISO 20471 standard requirements. A retroflectometer is used to measure the coefficient of two rotating angles. EN ISO 20471 states the reading should not be below 330 (cd/lx.m2) however at Portwest we insist on a reading of 400 (cd/lx.m2) plus.


Problem: The garment size is too small and does not have enough fluorescent material or reflective tape to meet the standard.

Solution: At Portwest, all our products are generously sized and designed with the EN ISO 20471 standard requirements in mind to ensure full compliance.


Problem: The garment label does not have the correct information displayed.

Solution: All Portwest garment labels have the correct information displayed in accordance with EN ISO 20471 and ISO 13688 standard requirements.


Problem: The garment does not have a user information document accompanying the product. This is a mandatory requirement.

Solution: At Portwest, all garments certified to EN ISO 20471 carry a user information document.


Problem: The garment does not display the notified body number so a customer cannot contact the test house where the garment was certified.

Solution: All Portwest garments feature a notified body number on the user information document so a customer can contact the Independent Notified Body directly. In addition, all garments have downloadable certificates online on our B2B portals.


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