Embroidery Service

Embroidery provides the best finish and durability on garments and can be used on virtually any type of garment.

Most commonly embroidery is used on shirts, fleeces, softshell material and accessories.

At BK Safetywear we provide a professional embroidery services and our vast experience in the embroidery industry ensures you will receive the best quality and finish on your embroidered workwear and uniforms.

Embroidery Services

Logo Embroidery

We operate 24 heads embroidery machines which means we are capable of high turnarounds.

It's simple to use, just send us your logo and we will advise you the best way to add these, and quote you for costs, if you don't have your own DST format files them we will arrange for your logo to be digitized for embroidery.

To use our embroidery service please head over to our logo embroidery page to upload your logo, choose the positions and then add the garment you want embroidered

Embroidery FAQ's

What is the largest sewing area for an embroidered design?

We can embroider within an area up to 250 mm wide and 150 mm high.

What is the largest sewing area for pocket embroidery?

We can embroider within an area up to 110 mm wide and 70 mm high or 70mm wide and 110mm high.

How small can you make embroidered letters or words?

For best results, we recommend that embroidered text be a minimum of 5 mm in height. The quality of text degrades considerably when less than this height.

Are you able to colour match thread colours with my corporate colours?

We only use the highest quality German made Madeira threads. These industry leading threads along with our latest Happy embroidery machines mean you will get the highest quality finished garments. We are able to match PANTONE colours to Madeira threads, however where a colour thread is not one that we stock an additional charge will be made to purchase the thread required for your specific colour.

Will I be able to see a embroidery sample sew-out before the design is embroidered to the garments?

Yes. We will be happy to send you a scan of the sew-out via email. Or, you can come into our showroom to view it. If necessary, we will make edits and send you another scan of the revision for your final approval.

Will my design look exactly like the artwork I send you when it is embroidered?

We make every effort to achieve an identical look to your artwork. However, small lettering may have to be increased in size or lay out order may possibly have to be altered to achieve lettering that will be legible enough to read.

What do you need from me in order to begin getting my logo digitised for embroidery?

We would prefer to receive vector artwork. Vector art is art made up of points, lines and curves and represented by mathematical equations as opposed to mapped pixels as in a raster or bitmap file. Vector art is resolution independent, meaning that it can be scaled to any size and retain its sharpness and detail at no loss in quality. Vector artwork would be helpful to the digitizer when planning out the best way to lay out your intended design. Make sure that all fonts are outlined, or inform us as to what the font names are. Other acceptable forms of artwork would be a scan or close up of a photo of an existing embroidery design, a .jpg or a .pdf file. The exact size of a pre-existing design would be helpful information.

What is digitising in respect to embroidery?

Embroidery Digitising is the process of taking any form of art work and transforming it into a language that the sewing machine will understand and sew onto your garment. Terms such as “tape” or “punch” are also used when referring to embroidery designs. This is because the old embroidery machines used punched paper tapes and a tape reader to operate. Today’s technology uses memory sticks to run computerised embroidery machinery. An embroidery tape/disk contains all the instructions, which, in turn, tells the embroidery machine what to stitch onto your garment.

How much will my design cost to set up for embroidery?

When you provide us with an acceptable art file, we could have your design quoted by our digitiser, based on what size you are looking for. Our custom design digitising is from £18.00 depending on design size. The size and the amount of fills in your design determines the stitch count, which then determines the final embroidery cost. Full back size designs are significantly higher in cost. An exact quote can be provided.

I have already had my design digitised and would like to use it for the order I place with you. Can I do that?

Yes, the Happy embroidery machines that require a .dst (expanded) file in order to run your design. We can also work from emb file format.

How long will my garments take to be embroidered?

Our general production time to complete your order is 5/6 business days. But, lead times could vary due to seasonal events and contracts . Please contact us to discuss our the current production times and if you have a rush order.

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