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Leo Workwear T08-O Capstone Coolviz Plus Hi Vis T-Shirt Orange

Leo Workwear T08-O Capstone Coolviz Plus Hi Vis T-Shirt Orange

Leo Workwear

Product Code:  T08-O-LEO-S
Brand:  Leo Workwear
Name:  Capstone

Lightweight, quick drying polyester Coolviz Plus sleeved t-shirt

Unique chevron design segmented reflective tape for improved breathability and allowing garment stretch

Split hem design

UV Protection to UPF 40+ meeting EN 13758-2

Perfect for the warmest weather conditions

Leo Workwear T08-O Capstone Coolviz Plus Hi Vis T Shirt Orange Features

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Leo Workwear T08-O


Mesh Ventilated Under-arms & Side Seams

Segmented Reflective Tape

Split Hem Design

EN13758-2 UV Protective Clothing UPF 40+


Hi Vis Orange (RIS-3279-TOM)


Light Grey


S - 6XL


73 - 89cm


Segmented Reflective Tape



FABRIC Fabric Icon

100% Birdseye Polyester 130gsm

78 - 86 86 - 94 94 - 102 102 - 110 110 - 118 118 - 126 126 - 134 134 - 142 142 - 150 150 - 158

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EN ISO 20471

This International Standard Specifies requirements for high visibility clothing, which is capable of visually signalling the user’s presence. The high visibility clothing is intended to provide conspicuity of the wearer in any light condition when viewed by the operators of vehicles or other mechanised equipment during daylight conditions and under illumination of headlights in the dark.

High Visibility clothing has a fluorescent surface, combined with reflective material that meets certification requirements in 3 different classes:

Class 3: Highest Level

Highest Level of protection – required for any persons working on or near motorways/dual carriageways or airports. Must incorporate a minimum of 0.80m sq of background materials and 0.20m sq of retro-reflective materials. (4 metres of 5cm wide reflective tape)

Class 2 – Intermediate level

Required for any person working on or near A and B Roads, also for delivery drivers. Must incorporate a minimum of 0.50m sq of background material and 0.13m sq of retro-reflective material. (2.60 metres of 5cm wide reflective tape)

Class 1: Minimum level

Minimum level of protection required for any persons working on a private road or to be sed in conjunction with a higher classed garment. Must incorporate a minimum of 0.14m sq of background material and 0.10m sq of retro-reflective material. (2 metres of 5cm wide reflective tape)

RIS 3279

Railway Group Standard sets out the minimum specification for high visibility warning clothing in Rail Industry.

EN 13758-2 - Ultraviolet Protection

Garments marked according to EN13758-2 provides UVA + UVB protection from the sun. Sun exposure causes skin damage, the dangerous exposure is reduced by wearing this garment. The garment protects against UV radiation, but note that it is not a guarantee for protection in all conditions. Note that only covered areas are protected and the protection offered by this item may be reduced with use or if stretched or wet. The garment should be cared for according to instructions inside the garment.

Ultraviolet Protection

UPF* range


% UV blocking

Labeling levels

15 - 24


93,3 - 95,8%


25 - 39

Mycket bra

96 - 97,4 %


40 - 50+


97,5 - 98+%


*UPF - Ultraviolet Protection Factor

£18.99 (£22.79 inc vat)



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Verified Customer Reviews
First impressions extremely good
Saturday, 6 March 2021  |  Nigel

I am constantly on the lookout for 100% cotton sweatshirts for working in. I find them less sweaty than part-cotton and they resist sparks from grinding, welding and fires better. To be honest I thought these were a bit cheap to be any good, but I am really pleasantly surprised by the quality of the material, the cut, and the manufacture. Most surprising is the generous cut, both in chest and in length - manufacturers of inexpensive workwear often cut things a bit tight to save a few pence, but these are fine or even generous. Haven't washed them yet so don't know how they will respond, but so far they seem great

Perfect service
Saturday, 6 March 2021  |  John

Transaction was very straight forward and delivery was very prompt. Thank you BK Safety will definitely use you for further purchases

Warm fleece and highly recomended.
Sunday, 28 February 2021  |  John

The branding is prouneek but that makes no difference. I already have had one of these fleeces issued by a conservation organisation for a couple of years and it has survived being warn during such tasks as hedgelaying and other woodland work. I have just bought the new one, without logo, for my own use. It seems to be just as well made as the old one. The only slight criticism I would make is that the pocket material is not substantial. Even if it fails the pocket contents are contained by the double thickness of fleece in that area so that isn't a deal breaker.

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